EDITORIAL: Just push play

Once upon a time and before an election, the new Harry Jerome rec centre was approved. Three readings. Final approval for the 50-metre pool and the curling rink. Contentious but conclusive. Or so we thought.

Last November our newly elected council put the project in stasis before a construction contract could be tendered, effectively transforming decision into delay. And so, while the durable but declining Harry Jerome rec centre continues to underwhelm, city staff are tasked with spending about six months compiling a “community recreation strategy,” which we hope is more useful than it sounds.

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Harry Jerome rec centre plan still paused

City of North Vancouver council voted unanimously – albeit somewhat begrudgling – to stall the Harry Jerome rec centre project pending an overall recreation strategy set for completion this fall.

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North Van’s Harry Jerome centre delayed for recreation strategy

Those waiting for some definitive direction from City of North Vancouver council on what the new Harry Jerome Recreation Centre will include and when it will start construction will have to sit tight a little while longer.

See more at: https://www.nsnews.com/news/north-van-s-harry-jerome-centre-delayed-for-recreation-strategy-1.23818197