Economic Benefits

Expand business opportunities:

New business opportunities can be accommodated on-site such as a cafeteria/food counter, physiotherapy clinic and aquatic clothing sales.   Also, off-site local tourist attractions and local business would see an increase in revenues of at least $5.9 million due to event hosting at the pool throughout the year (see Appendix).  These improved revenues could lead to expansion in these off-site businesses.

Create event hosting opportunities:

If deck space is adequate, then regional, provincial and some national events can be hosted at a 50m pool throughout the year.  These events draw, on average, about 600 participants (400-1200) which bring greater revenue to the pool and to local businesses such as restaurants, hotels, retail stores, tourist attractions and so on.  The projections are that for each out of town participant, $200/day are spent locally during such events.  It is estimated that over 30 aquatic sport events could be hosted per year, bringing in a conservative estimate of $3.7 million per year in business revenues (+ $2.2 million when hosting BC Summer Games) and approximately $131,600 in pool rentals (see Summary of Event Revenues).