Health Benefits

UnderwaterWPChanging demographics:

The North Vancouver population is aging.  In 2011, the percent of the population over 45 years old increased, while the percent of people aged 25-44 declined.  This trend is expected to continue, particularly as the baby boomers age.   Seniors look for low impact, low injury activities such as aquatics.  Thus, the demand for more aquatic fitness will continue to increase over other sports activities.

Gender differences:

The ratio of males to females has not changed in the past 15 years in North Vancouver.  However, the aquatic activities preferred by the two genders are quite different.  On average, males tend to prefer lap swimming, whereas females tend to prefer aquatic fitness.  The participation rate of females could be improved considerably with a 50m pool which would increase scheduling choices for aquatic fitness (potentially 3.5X).

Attract youth, young adults, mature patrons and the elderly:

Features such as a water slide, lazy river and leisure pool attract young families.  Lap swimming mainly attracts fitness enthusiasts.  Youth, young adults, mature patrons and the elderly will be drawn to the new 50m pool because there are more public swims, more frequent specialized programs, a more inviting pool set-up, separation from lap swimming, recreational aquatic sports, age appropriate programs and other features that appeal to these age groups.