Thank you for your support!

Thank you to all those who turned out for the WEAR BLUE event at City Hall on Monday May 13.  We had a good show of support for the new Councillors who haven’t felt any pressure to approve the 50 metre pool, other than emails and letters from you, our supporters.  We know it is disappointing that no decision was made to go forward with the project.  This gives us more time to work with the new Council to get a favourable decision on the 50 metre pool, rather than have them make a decision based purely on the cost. 

The North Shore Aquatics Society has been told that we will be involved in developing the Community Recreation Strategy; at this point we do not know what our involvement will be.  We will keep you posted.

Thank you once again for your continuing support!

Linda Sullivan, President

North Shore Aquatics Society

EDITORIAL: Just push play

Once upon a time and before an election, the new Harry Jerome rec centre was approved. Three readings. Final approval for the 50-metre pool and the curling rink. Contentious but conclusive. Or so we thought.

Last November our newly elected council put the project in stasis before a construction contract could be tendered, effectively transforming decision into delay. And so, while the durable but declining Harry Jerome rec centre continues to underwhelm, city staff are tasked with spending about six months compiling a “community recreation strategy,” which we hope is more useful than it sounds.

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City of North Vancouver orders more study of recreation centre replacement

A replacement to an aging recreation centre in North Vancouver is on hold while the city develops a community-wide plan for its recreation facilities. 

The new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre was approved by council in July 2018 at a cost of $237 million, financed in part through the sale and development of adjacent lands. 

But on Monday, a new council received a staff report confirming all contracts for the facility on hold. 

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Harry Jerome rec centre plan still paused

City of North Vancouver council voted unanimously – albeit somewhat begrudgling – to stall the Harry Jerome rec centre project pending an overall recreation strategy set for completion this fall.

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North Van’s Harry Jerome centre delayed for recreation strategy

Those waiting for some definitive direction from City of North Vancouver council on what the new Harry Jerome Recreation Centre will include and when it will start construction will have to sit tight a little while longer.

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I want to thank and apologize to those who attended last night’s meeting.  Your attendance was noted by Council, so it was not a wasted effort, though you must be very frustrated.  

The decision on Harry Jerome was deferred until a later date (date to be announced).  The Motion by Counsellor Hu deferred the decision as the in-camera session following the open Council meeting was to discuss matters concerning Harry Jerome that could influence the final decision. These matters included financing, Harry Jerome Lands, legal advice and contract negotiations as noted by Mayor Buchanan at the very end of the meeting.

No one knew about this Motion in advance, including other Counsellors, City staff and the audience.  

We hope we can count on your support.  The North Shore Aquatics Society will continue to do what we can to help Council make the right decision – a 50 metre pool.

Linda Sullivan, President

North Shore Aquatics Society

City of North Van may scale back Harry Jerome plans

City of North Vancouver council may soon be scrapping plans for a 50-metre pool, curling sheets and rooftop sports courts at the new Harry Jerome Recreation Centre in order to save money.

The previous city council approved the $210-million, 256,433-square-foot complex with all the bells and whistles in 2018, but early in the new council’s term, Mayor Linda Buchanan won support for a motion directing the city to delay issuing construction contracts until council had a chance to consider cheaper alternatives and financial risk mitigation measures.

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Monday March 4 at 6:00pm
North Vancouver City Council Meeting
City Hall, 141 West 14th Street

The North Shore Aquatics Society is urgently requesting your show of support one last time at City Hall on Monday night.  We need a good turnout as the City is now considering building a 10 lane 25m pool instead of an 8 lane 50m pool due to the cost differential of $4.6 million even though the cost of the entire Harry Jerome facility is fully funded by a lease agreement with Darwin Construction.  

Last November the new Council requested that City staff investigate ways to reduce costs for Harry Jerome and singled out the 50 metre pool.  City Staff is again recommending a 25m pool at Harry Jerome.  The North Shore Aquatics Society will not be giving a presentation; but, the discussion that will be held by Council could be swayed if we have a large crowd in the audience.  This new Council needs to see that there is huge support for a 50m pool –  they really don’t know how much we want a 50 metre pool. If Council votes for a 25m pool on Monday night, then our dream of a 50 m pool at Harry Jerome is over as City staff will be directed to begin the final design process and issue building tenders by July.  

We know it seems like this process keeps getting delayed; but, this is it.  We are urgently asking you to show your support again by attending the City Council meeting on Monday night: 6:00, 141 West 14th Street, City Hall.  We need everyone who believes a 50 metre pool is the right choice to attend.

Linda Sullivan, President

North Shore Aquatics Society

Harry Jerome project to be revisited, possibly revised

Council voted 4-3 to re-examine

Four months after the previous City of North Vancouver council hit the gas on the $210-million Harry Jerome rec centre project, the new city council pumped the brakes.

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What’s up at council this week?

…  Like a new cast reworking an old play, City of North Vancouver council is set to revisit – and possibly waylay – the new Harry Jerome rec centre.

Council approved the $210-million facility in a 4-3 split last July but Mayor Buchanan is slated to ask the newly-elected council to take a second look at the financial risk posed by the project.

Buchanan’s motion includes an instruction that would bar city staff from issuing the construction tender on the new rec centre until council approves: “satisfactory risk mitigation measures.”

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