I want to thank and apologize to those who attended last night’s meeting.  Your attendance was noted by Council, so it was not a wasted effort, though you must be very frustrated.  

The decision on Harry Jerome was deferred until a later date (date to be announced).  The Motion by Counsellor Hu deferred the decision as the in-camera session following the open Council meeting was to discuss matters concerning Harry Jerome that could influence the final decision. These matters included financing, Harry Jerome Lands, legal advice and contract negotiations as noted by Mayor Buchanan at the very end of the meeting.

No one knew about this Motion in advance, including other Counsellors, City staff and the audience.  

We hope we can count on your support.  The North Shore Aquatics Society will continue to do what we can to help Council make the right decision – a 50 metre pool.

Linda Sullivan, President

North Shore Aquatics Society

City of North Van may scale back Harry Jerome plans

City of North Vancouver council may soon be scrapping plans for a 50-metre pool, curling sheets and rooftop sports courts at the new Harry Jerome Recreation Centre in order to save money.

The previous city council approved the $210-million, 256,433-square-foot complex with all the bells and whistles in 2018, but early in the new council’s term, Mayor Linda Buchanan won support for a motion directing the city to delay issuing construction contracts until council had a chance to consider cheaper alternatives and financial risk mitigation measures.

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