Summary of Event Revenues


EventCity - Pool RentalsBusiness
BC Summer Games
July 19 - 22, 2018
No pool rentals$2,200,000*
High School Swim Meets$10,000$276,000
Summer Swim Meets$11,000$487,000
Winter Swim Meets$47,000$1,612,000
Summer Water Polo$7,500$64,200
Fall Water Polo$4,100$22,800
Elite Water Polo$28,000$688,000
Summer Synchronized Swimming$3,000$87,000
Winter Synchronized$13,500$374,650
Summer Diving$2,000$32,500
Winter Diving$5,500$83,250
Total event revenues$131,600$3,727,400 (plus BC Summer Games)

*Revenues from BC Summer Games would be replaced by hosting different events

For more information, see the NSAS Business Plan.