N. Van’s partisan politics threaten pool’s potential

Dear Editor:

I am very disappointed in our two elected councils of the City and District of North Vancouver. We have a golden opportunity to build an aquatic centre of excellence, containing a 50-metre pool and other aquatic amenities, as the Harry Jerome recreation complex is redeveloped. The Harry Jerome site is the perfect location because of its central location and close proximity to the Trans-Canada Highway. All the residents of North Vancouver would be very proud and well served by this facility. Unfortunately, we are facing the bureaucracy of the city and district councils. The city claims that they cannot afford to build this aquatic facility on its own and the district refuses to participate in the construction because the Harry Jerome site lies within the city’s boundaries.

As a lifelong resident of North Vancouver, I currently live in the District of North Vancouver and work in the City of North Vancouver. Over the past five decades, I have lived in both the city and district; I have worked in both the city and district; I have visited family and friends in both the city and district; I have shopped and dined in both the city and district.

I could go on and on but the point is the citizens of North Vancouver are not divided in the same manner as our two councils. In fact, if someone were to ask me, where do the city boundaries end and where do the district boundaries start, I couldn’t tell them. Not only do I not know, I do not care.

I strongly encourage our two elected councils to work together for the benefit of all the residents of North Vancouver. The time has come to put aside the inefficient and petty politics and do what is best for all the taxpayers of our wonderful city.

Vicki McLeod North Vancouver

Appeared in the North Shore News (January 16, 2013)