LETTER: Including 50-metre pool is the right decision for Harry Jerome

Dear Editor:

I am the president of the North Shore Aquatics Society. For the past seven years we have been advocating for a 50-metre pool as part of the redevelopment of the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre.

The city had concerns about the cost of building and operating the pool. They also wondered if there was public support for a 50-metre pool. In our presentation of our business plan to the city on May 15 we provided a financial plan for the capital costs and described an operating strategy that would make the pool affordable for the city and its residents. We also provided over 4,500 signatures that support the 50-metre pool.

On June 26 and again on July 10, the city chose Option E which includes a 50-metre pool, new ice hockey rink and a curling rink, as their preferred option. We are thrilled and want to recognize the city council for their vision for the future, and, of course, to thank them for their decision to include a 50-metre pool in that vision.

Now, instead of being restricted to lap swimming, the public will be able to have greater choice and access to aquatic activities. A 50-metre pool can be divided into multiple spaces that can be used simultaneously by the public. In addition, aquatic sports of all sorts can take place in a 50-metre pool; currently children who want to do anything more than swim laps must drive off the North Shore, contributing hundreds of cars to our traffic woes every day.

The society will continue to work with the city in any way it can to support their efforts to redevelop the Harry Jerome Community Centre. We are very excited to see our dream of a 50-metre pool for everyone for the next 50 years becoming a reality for North Vancouver.

Linda Sullivan
President, North Shore Aquatics Society, North Vancouver

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