DNV’s hobbits have little vision

Dear Editor:

District of North Vancouver councillors, can’t see out of their own burrows, correction, borough.

Coun. Roger Bassam at least got one thing right: “the need for one municipal government on the North Shore.”

The latest decision by the district not to fund a 50-metre pool jointly with the city clearly demonstrates this. Coun. Alan Nixon was the one lone voice of intelligence and common sense on council to question as nonsensical the funding of a 25-metre pool at the William Griffin Recreation Centre while the city funds a 25-metre pool at Harry Jerome two kilometres away.

You do not have to be an aquatic user residing on the North Shore to be angered by the district’s decision. All tax-paying residents should be livid. Should the district’s protection of its petty fiefdom triumph over simple common sense and economics? Or should we build a facility that would benefit the greater good of all residents on the North Shore irrespective of where they live, district or city, and cater to all user groups at a cheaper cost for us as taxpayers?

The reason and need for a 50-metre pool can be taken even further. Ron Andrews Recreation Centre on district land, although not slated for replacement, does have a limited lifespan, like all structures. With a 50-metre pool its replacement will not be necessary. Two for one or even three for one; lets do the math on that.

The only thing holding back a no-brainer solution is the location, basically being on the wrong side of the municipal street. The mindset of district council is reflected in comments like that of Coun. Lisa Muri: “I cannot recall us being asked for a contribution for a facility that’s not within our municipality.”

Coun. Bassam you hit the nail on the head: Yes, we do indeed need only one municipal government on the North Shore – and decisions like this will be easy.

Graham Hadfield North Vancouver

Appeared in the North Shore News (February 6, 2013)