City of North Vancouver votes to proceed with a 50-metre pool at Harry Jerome

On June 26, the North Vancouver City Council voted to proceed with a 50-metre pool at Harry Jerome.

The North Shore Aquatics Society presented our Business Plan to the City of North Vancouver on May 16, 2017. The Business Plan outlined how the incremental capital costs of the 50-metre pool, above the 25 metre pool, could be covered. The Business Plan also noted that the difference between operating a 50-metre pool and the proposed 10-lane, 25-metre pool was very small – only $200,000 – and laid out several ways that the City would be able to cover the operating costs. Significant public support for the pool was demonstrated to the City through over 4,500 signatures on our petition and the tremendous turnout in Council chambers.

Following our presentation, and the public Town Hall meeting on May 17, 2017, the City of North Vancouver voted on June 26, 2017 to proceed with a 50-metre pool at Harry Jerome. At that Council meeting two caveats were included that would delay planning until the site was rezoned for higher density to help pay for the capital cost and until the District of North Vancouver confirmed their willingness to contribute to the operating costs. At a meeting on July 17, 2017, Council revisited the June 26, 2017 motions to delay planning for the Harry Jerome project. All Council members agreed to begin planning the project now. Four Councillors voted to plan for Option E – a 50-metre pool, a new hockey rink and a curling rink. Thus, we are very excited to announce that Council is now planning for a 50-metre pool as part of the Harry Jerome redevelopment.

The North Shore Aquatics Society is currently developing a strategy for our fundraising campaign and a strategy to support the City in gaining confirmation from the District that operating costs will be shared. Our work is not finished yet, but we are getting much closer to our goal of having a 50-metre pool built on the North Shore!