Wear blue and join us at City Council on MONDAY MAY 13 to support the 50m pool

The approved 50m pool at Harry Jerome is now AT RISK. City Council is considering reversing the original decision and only building a 25m pool.

On Monday May 13, City Council will hear about a plan to undertake a study of all its recreation amenities (indoor and outdoor) to develop a “Community Recreation Strategic Plan.” This plan will incorporate Flicka Gymnastics and Lawn Bowling. This will delay the decision on the Harry Jerome Redevelopment Project by several months.

Council still needs to know the public wants a 50 metre pool, so continue to write to Council and show your support. Wear blue to the City Council meeting on May 13 to make sure Council knows you support a 50 metre pool as part of the Community Recreation Strategic Plan.

Our pools are pack now with limited public swim and waiting lists for lessons. Can you imagine 10 – 20 years ahead as the populations grows?