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96-year-old heads to provincial swim meet this weekend

Fred Schulhof, 96, is among 31 North Shore Masters Swim Club members competing this weekend at the Masters Swimming Association of B.C. Provincial Swimming Championships hosted by his club and the North Shore Aquatics Society at Richmond’s Watermania.

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Olympic and Paralympic Trials

TrialsLogoApril 5-10 2016

Toronto Pan Am Centre

The North Shore Aquatics Society and It members send out congratulation to the North Shore Swimmers who are participating at the 2016 Olympic Swimming Trials


Chris Paproski

Nicolas Duke

Tim Zeng

James Dergousoff

Rob Hill

Emily Overholt

Nathan Clement


You Make Us Proud


2016 MSABC Swimming Championships

The North Shore Aquatic Society and its Members are

Proud to be part of the 2016 MSABC Swimming Championships

April 22-24, 2016

Richmond, BC



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January 2015 Information Session

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North Shore Aquatics ad in North Shore News

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District of North Vancouver Candidates Comments about Aquatics

The Aquatic facilities in both the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver are deteriorating and unable to meet present public demand let alone the future. Furthermore, many Aquatic programs are no longer available to North Shore Residence due to the lack of aquatic space. Regional, provincial and national aquatic events are not hosted on the North Shore due to the limited size and design of existing pools as a result both the City and District are not able to benefit from the economic spin-off of hosting such events. Presently, there is a development proposal for the Harry Jerome pool. This proposal is for a 10 lane 25 meter pool. A facility of this size and design will not handle the existing or future public demand, will promote access to new aquatic programs presently lacking on the North Shore and it will not attract any aquatic events which could help off-set operating costs or support local business. An alternative proposal has been presented for a 50 Meter 8 lane pool which would meet public program demand, attract aquatic events and provide financial benefits to the local businesses and most importantly enable our residents to have constant access to aquatic activities. The increased capital cost to construct the expanded facility is approximately 50% more than the 25 meter pool. However, the 50 meter pool proposal provides a multi-purpose facility which could offer more program flexibility, new aquatic programs for our families and an increase in revenue generated by aquatic events and provides income opportunities for the local businesses.

Question #1 from Aquatics

  1. Do you support the concept of replacing the present Harry Jerome Facility with a 50 meter pool complex which would not only increase aquatic activities available to all North Shore residents but would also create potential income to offset operating cost and support local businesses?

Question #2 from Aquatics

  1. What is your position on capital cost sharing between the City and District for facilities which provide benefits to both district and city residents, particularly facilities in which operating cost are presently shared?

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Water Polo Canada supports 50m pool at Harry Jerome

Water Polo Canada has pledged its support for a 50m pool at Harry Jerome

Our member partner, the BC Water Polo Association, has informed us that the City of North Vancouver is planning on building a new aquatic facility.  …  On behalf of the Canadian Water Polo Association, I would like to thank you for your time in reading this letter and your consideration for building an Olympic sized aquatic venue. I look forward to building a partnership and relationship with you and the City of North Vancouver.

Read the letter of support.

North Vancouver Cruisers pledge support for 50m pool

North Vancouver Cruisers Aquatics have pledged to support a 50m pool at Harry Jerome. Read the letter of support.